Monday, January 26, 2009

The 11 Best Songs by Franz Ferdinand

I've been hearing polarizing reviews of the new FF album. Some people love it...and think it's a bold new direction for the band. Others think it's almost a joke...a pale bail-out for a band who had hit a creative wall. That said, I have yet to hear the album. But when it comes to creativity, doing something new is never a bad thing. Sometimes the results are in fact bad...terrible and practically unlistenable but the fact that the band chooses to challenge their nature, their existence in the musical landscape is the only thing that can make a good band great. Don't forget Dylan was slammed for merely using an electric guitar. R.E.M. was shunned for signing with a major label. GNR was mocked for spending 15 years to make an album. But in the end, the critics have to sit on their hands because of the brilliant music that came out of those endeavours. Of course you do at times get confusing packages like Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music...but even that...despite all its more appreciated and respected than some of his more musical offerings.

Here are The 11 Best Songs by Franz Ferdinand:

1. Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)
2. You're The Reason I'm Leaving (You Could Have It Better)
3. Well, That Was Easy (You Could Have It Better)
4. 40' (Franz Ferdinand)
5. This Fire (Franz Ferdinand)
6. All My Friends (All My Friends E.P.)
7. Walk Away (You Could Have It Better)
8. Dark of The Matinee (Franz Ferdinand)
9. Your Diary (Bonus Track)
10. Do You Want To (You Could Have It Better)
11. Wine In the Afternoon (Eleanor)

Buy Franz Ferdinand's new album, Tonight.


doubledown44 said...

What, you are going to wait until hearing the CD before you review it? How revolutionary!
Unfortunately these days, it seems nobody takes the time to do just that. Good for you.
I have heard more than half of the CD and I really like what I have heard. It's great stuff. I look forward to buying the disc tomorrow when it comes out (in the US).
Good blog, by the way.

Homeperm said...

i'm quite partial to the fallen, but other than that i agree with your list. esp. all my friends, which is frankly magical.