Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The 11 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs

Lately, everyone is talking stimulus. Some people think that all this "free" money should go to the average Joe who is hurting. But should we really be giving money back to the people who couldn't handle their finances in the first place? That's like hiring an ex-drug addict to manage a pharmacy. Others say that securing the banks and stabilizing the corporations is the solution. But isn't that the same philosphy as trickle down economics? And look how well that worked.

You can't kick start the economy by fixing broken entities...the only way to do it is with new businesses...new fields of enterprise...just like the internet industry boosted the 90s...we need something similar today. And it's right in front of our noses...

Legalize marijuana...then tax the hell out it.

Currently, there are 30 billion packs of cigarettes sold in the US....that's right...30 billion. Since taxes are assessed state-to-state...the us average is $1.00 per pack. Many cigarette smokers smoke a pack a day...but the average cigarette smoker is closer to 1 pack a week. The typical marijuana smoker would likely smoke a 6-joint pack once a week. Impose a $5.00 per pack tax on it...and you sell even 1/5 of what cigarettes sell...you're looking at an annual intake of around 30 billion dollars in taxes alone. That may not be a total solution...but it's one helluva start.

Here are the 11 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs:

1. Born To Run (Born To Run)
2. Dancing In the Dark (Born in the USA)
3. Thunder Road (Born To Run)
4. Cover Me (Born in the USA)
5. My Love Will Not Let You Down (Tracks)
6. Lost In The Flood (Greetings From Astbury)
7. The Streets of Philadelphia (Sdtk)
8. My City of Ruins (The Rising)
9. Atlantic City (Nebraska)
10. Rosalita (The E Street Shuffle)
11. The River (The River)

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Jason said...

You didn't include "I'm On Fire"....That's the best song he ever wrote

sarang said...
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Cheryl said...

as far i can can say is i have loved him music for a half a century and he is still my fav. true bruce fan god bless him