Sunday, January 04, 2009

The UNKNOWN Albums of the 90s (#1)

1. Heatmiser - Mic City Sons (1996)

Everyone has one album they guarantee. One album they recommend to all their friends. One album they swear that you will like. But what people don't realize is that that "guarantee" is a definitive statement about their musical prowess. Using a mediocre album as a "guarantee" can permentally damage their musical opinion in the eyes of others. In college, I had a friend whose "guarantee" was Beastie Boys' "Paul's Boutique." It's a safe choice...but it tells everyone he had very mainstream tastes. I dated a girl whose "guarantee" was Madonna's "Erotica." Being in the car with her was close to being in hell. We broke up. I had a roommate whose guarantee Creed's "My Own Prison." It proved that you should never take his advice on anything.

Heatmiser is best known for launching the career of Elliott Smith. But this wasn't the only artist to spring from this group. Sam Coomes, bassist, who went on to form indie-wunderkind Quasi with ex-wife Janet Weiss. Neil Gust, guitarist, formed a Heatmiser clone called, No. 2, which was short-lived before he went onto a design career. But this album may be the best release of their careers...yes, even better than Elliott's solo material. Or at least...on par. It is worth a listen. I guarantee it.

MP3: Pop in G

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