Friday, January 02, 2009

The UNKNOWN Albums of the 90s (#3)

3. Jawbreaker - Dear You (1995)

Blake Schwarzenbach may have had the coolest name of any indie rock singer. One half action half polo shirt wearing tennis snob. And his music reflected that. Half the songs sounded like Green Day outtakes...while the other half sounded like the band was deserately trying to dissect GD's winning 3-chord formula in a Pixies kind of way. I dated this girl Tracy when this album came out. Tracy was a major Offspring/Green Day fan, along with a little Tori Amos just to seem socially conscious. I scored an advance copy through my radio station gig and was blown away by the anti-pop punk stylings. I immediately played it for Tracy thinking she would be equally impressed...but she wasn't. She curled her lip and raised her eyebrows and then said..."they should try to sound more like Green Day." Hence the reason Jawbreaker broke up shortly after this...

MP3: Sluttering

Buy Dear You here.

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