Thursday, October 08, 2009

The 11 Best Built To Spill Songs

Built To Spill gets no respect. Without BTS...there would be no Modest Mouse. Without Modest Mouse...there would be no 764-HERO...or I mean there would no Against Me!

They were the unsung Pink Floyd of grunge. The King Crimson of Seattle. The ugly Sonic Youth. The were everything but poppy. And when I mean poppy...I don't mean Camera Obscura poppy...I mean Black Eyed Peas post-Fergie poppy. Lesson to be can't be successful if you don't sound like crap.

Here are the 11 Best Built To Spill Songs:

1. Car (There's Nothing Wrong With Love)
2. Carry The Zero (Keep It Like A Secret)
3. Nowhere Nothin' Fuckup (Ultimate Alternative Wavers)
4. Big Dipper (There's Nothing Wrong With Love)
5. You Were Right (Keep It Like A Secret)
6. Goin' Against Your Mind (You In Reverse)
7. Made-Up Dreams (Perfect From Now On)
8. Get A Life (Ultimate Alternative Wavers)
9. Stab (There's Nothing Wrong With Love)
10. Broken Chairs (Keep It Like A Secret)
11. Out of Site (Perfect From Now On)

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Drew said...

I had never heard of them before, I'll have to check them out ASAP.

Tony said...

They are brilliant. Do they have a bad song? Everyone has a different top 10.

Vlady said...

I'm not sure why everyone is in love with "Car." I have my own top 15 list at

Laura Kate said...

"The Weather" isn't on this list, and "Car" is. Interesting opinion.

Neil Grismore said...

Love car. From the droning, psychedelic interlude midway to the simple, elegant solo that ends the song. I love the lyrics, they just remind me of a huge sprawling, exciting dream.