Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By The Editors

The story of Anvil is that persistance can be stronger than talent. When the Editors came out...they were blasted as an Interpol knock-off. And on the their sophomore albums...Interpol received critical praise while Editors didn't even receive a call back. But on the 3rd outing, things begin to change...Interpol's album was...well...just okay. Meanwhile Editors, after being dumped from their label, took a little longer. They challenged their traditional sound...and went darker (which IMO is always better). Their newest release is a gothy dripped electro trip through the Euro club scene stuck somewhere between 1983-1984. If Martin Gore hears this, he might cover one of the songs on his next EP. If Robert Smith hears this, he might cry. And if Interpol hears this...they're going to be racking their brains to figure out how to catch up.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Editors:

1. Munich (The Back Room)
2. Bones (An End Has A Start)
3. An End Has A Start (An End Has A Start)
4. Fingers in the Factories (The Back Room)
5. Racing Rats (An End Has A Start)
6. Lullaby (B-Side)
7. Camera (The Back Room)
8. Open Your Arms (The Back Room)
9. Orange Crush (B-Side)
10. Fall (The Back Room)
11. All Sparks (The Back Room)

Buy the Editors new album, In This Light and On this Evening.


callum said...

hi, i enjoyed reading your blog. can you have a listen to my band – Dualist


its a bit editoresque


Kurtie said...

Hi there,

nice blog !

I certainly would have included : "Smokers outside the hospital door".

Richard clask said...

what about Papillon??? that was an epic song by them

Richard clask said...

what about Papillon? That was an EPIC song