Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Unknown: Sebadoh's Live at Reading 1997

Solo careers are always measured against an artist's original band. For example, Chester Bennington's new solo band isn't described as a hard rock influenced pop's considered a poppier version of Linkin Park. The Dead Weather isn't a sonic dirgy blues's a bluesier version of the White Stripes. And Lou Barlow's new album (Goodnight Unknown) isn't a singer-songwriter hitting his later years's a mellowed-out version of Sebadoh.

Sebadoh - Live at Reading 1997:

1. Together or Alone
2. Soul and Fire/Not A Friend/Open Ended
3. Beauty of the Ride
4. Sixteen
5. Homemade
6. Skull/Rebound/Magnet's Coil
7. Shit Soup
8. Drama Mine
9. Whole Hog
10. Mind Reader
11. Can't Give Out

Buy Lou Barlow's new solo album, Goodnight Unknown.

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Blip said...

Thanks for posting this, I was late to the Sebadoh party, this is a great set!