Sunday, November 08, 2009

The 11 Best Krist Novoselic Songs (post-Nirvana)

Okay Nirvana week wouldn't be Nirvana week if all three members (sorry Chad) didn't get some of the spotlight. And we're forgetting one of the most important members, bassist Krist Novoselic. Krist has had no where near the success that Dave has had in his post-Nirvana career...but that doesn't negate his importance while in the band. Come As You Are would not be the hit it was if Krist hadn't ripped off The Bauhaus...okay, just kidding.

But Krist has trudged along...putting out some listenable material over the years. From the mexican lounge of Sweet 75 to the granola jams of Eyes Adrift to the mini-Nirvana reunion with Dave on the Stinky Puffs to the seattle supergroup No WTO Combo with Jello Biafra and Kim Thayil to joining his idols and playing on the most recent Flipper album.

Here are the 11 Best Krist Novoselic Songs (post-Nirvana):

1. What I Said (Eyes Adrift)
2. Lay Me Down (Sweet 75)
3. Love Fight (Flipper)
4. Alaska (Eyes Adrift)
5. Electronic Plantation (No WTO Combo)
6. Dogs (Sweet 75)
7. Triple Mass (Flipper)
8. Telescope (Eyes Adrift)
9. New Feudalism (No WTO Combo)
10. Buddies Aren't Butts (Stinky Puffs)
11. Pasted (Eyes Adrift)

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