Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Unknown: Morrissey at Pauley Pavilion

So far I've seen some good results from my mini-pledge drive. I promise if I get a few more purchases I'll add the second disc to the Weezer Black & White album. So if you haven't checked out our store...please do so now...lots to choose from. It's not a bad're getting a ultra rare disc of Weezer material...a full length album at a great price...and you feel good for supporting the artists.

One release that came out with only a little fanfare this past week was the new Morrissey B-Side collection, (Swords) pooling together bonus tracks from this decade's albums. In honor of Morrissey diving into his non-mainstream material...I have done likewise. Below is not the best Moz concert...but in fact one that might like to be forgotten. Playing at UCLA's infamous Pauley Pavilion, Moz only made it halfway through the set before the students rushed the stage in a giddy frenzy. It's not often you hear a boot where the show gets canceled mid-gig. But I guarantee you...Moz this makes it worth the listen.

Here is Morrissey Live at Pauley Pavilion:

13. Outro

Buy Morrissey's new B-Side collection, Swords.

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(Laura) said...

Thanks for posting this! I just picked up Swords today actually - the bonus version with an additional live disc. I am a little saddened that "Mexico" isn't on the collection - it's one of his best album track or otherwise from this period.