Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Unknown: Nirvana at The Off Ramp 1990 2

I grew up listening to Nirvana. From an indie rock band to the biggest band of the decade. I owned everything they ever put out. I never thought Kurt Cobain was a voice of a generation...he was the scream of our generation. So for's a little bit about myself.

Here are the 11 Biggest Nirvana Moments of my Life:

1. Attending to the 1992 MTV Music Awards and watching Krist hit himself in the head with his bass.
2. Buying Bleach on cassette in 1989 and having all my friends tell me the band sucked and would never amount to anything.
3. Waiting in line at midnight to buy In Utero
4. Videotaping MTV Unplugged and watching it over and over for months
5. Getting my first Outcesticide at Fingerprints in Long Beach
6. Using Napster to discover rare unreleased copies You Know Youre Right.
7. Feeling special that my copy of Nevermind has the bonus Endless Nameless hidden at the end and everyone else in my dorm didn't have it.
8. Having a big party to watch Nirvana on SNL after In Utero's release
9. Getting 3 copies of Incesticide for Christmas even though I had purchased it two weeks earlier.
10. Spending hours holed away listening to With The Lights Out.
11. Watching the Live at Reading DVD while my daughter danced along to the music

Here's PART TWO to Nirvana's performance at the Off-Ramp in Seattle.

Buy Nirvana's Live at Reading and their 20th Anniversary of!!!

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