Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Unknown: Nirvana at The Off Ramp 1990

There's not 1...not 2...but 3 Nirvana-related releases this week. Nirvana's epic performance at the Reading Festival (which comes out on both CD and DVD). Nirvana's 20th anniversary re-issue of their debut album Bleach (which includes a full concert from 1989). And...the Foo Fighters greatest hits. The three releases make for an interesting retrospective on the career of the band...from its beginnings (Bleach) to its apex (Reading) to its after-life (Foo Fighters).

Now, I've had most of the Reading festival performance for years on cassette. Yes...cassette. So to finally get it in video and CD quality is a nice pick-up. But despite everyone claiming this is the band's best performance...I'm going to have to disagree. It's a great one...one of their bests...but the best show I've ever heard is from the Off-Ramp in seattle. This happens at a time right when the band is on the verge of breaking out. Their songwriting has just taken a major step forward...yet they still are clinging to their punk sensibilities. It's an epic show that goes so long...the owner of the club has to close his doors...then re-open them after curfew so the band can continue playing. Only a band that had no rules could have pulled this off.

Here is Nirvana's Performance at the Off-Ramp in Seattle 1990:

1. Aneurysm
2. Oh, The Guilt
3. Mr. Moustache
4. Pay To Play
5. Breed
6. Floyd The Barber
7. About A Girl
8. Verse Chorus Verse
9. In Bloom
10. Swap Meet
11. Been A Son
12. Stain
13. Blew
14. Sappy
15. Lithium
16. School
17. D-7
18. Here She Comes Now
19. Sliver
20. Dive
21. Outside Banter
22. Dumb
23. Polly
24. Something in the Way
25. Negative Creep
26. Love Buzz
27. Where Did You Sleep Last Night
28. Spank Thru
29. Molly's Lips
30. Son Of A Gun
31. Sifting
32. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

Here's PArt One. I've divided the show up alphabetically...just to mess with people. The rest of the songs will be posted tomorrow.

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