Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Deer Tick

Mel Gibson is nuts.  Or is he?  Like everyone on this planet, I've now heard a few of Mel Gibson's rants and tirades to his girlfriend/ex-wife/floozy/mistrees.  I've heard them set to a slide show of Mel Gibson movies.  I've even heard them inserted into an episode of Dora the Exploerer (check youtube).  But is Mel Gibson is as crazy as he sounds?  Or was he baited?  I have a very hard time believing that Oksana was able to completely maintain a calm cool voice through-out the entire conversation...unless she had motive to do so.  She knew that the conversation was being taped, therefore she was on her best behavior.  Purposely.  And it's not hard to believe that she didn't call him first...push his buttons...get him angry...then hang up...wait for him to call back pissed...and then tape the conversation.  Trust me, my dad's a divorce attorney...this is something people do all the time.

My feeling on the situation...Oksana and Mel deserve each other...sadly, their kid does not.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Deer Tick:

1.  Baltimore Blues No. 1 (War Elephant)
2.  Long Time (War Elephant)
3.  Easy (Born On Flag Day)
4.  Art Isn't Real (War Elephant)
5.  Friday XIII (Born On Flag Day)
6.  Smith Hill (Born On Flag Day)
7.  Still Crazy After All These Years (B-Side)
8.  Dirty Dishes (War Elephant)
9.  Beautiful Girls (CMG Podcast)
10.  Little White Lies (Born On Flag Day)
11.  The Ghost (Born On Flag Day)

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High Flyin' Bird said...

I like the list but I have to put their cover of Springsteen's Nebraska in the top five. It can be found on one of their Daytrotter sessions. I LOVE deer tick...