Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Outkast of the 00s

I feel like every month or so I make a list for a band that doesn't deserve to be narrowed down to 11 songs.  This month, it happens to be OutKast.  I'm only constructing a list of songs from one decade, I would hate to do this list and include their albums from the 90s.  And no...no songs from Andre 3000's solo kids' album didn't make the list.  Yes, he has a kids album...look it up.

My favorite thing in the world will likely happen with this list.  I will get some moron who says I don't know what the hell I'm doing and send me their list that will be identical to my list...with only 1 song different.  And that one song will either be a duplicate of another song on the list...or a song that's not eligible...or by some other artist altogether.  True stuff...someone sent me a Depeche Mode list with an Erasure song on it.  Can't wait to see what Goodie Mob song gets mistakenly put in.

Here are the 11 Best Songs by OutKast of the 00s:

1.  Hey Ya! (The Love Below)
2.  Mrs. Jackson (Stankonia)
3.  Roses (The Love Below)
4.  Flip Flop Rock (Speakerboxxx)
5.  The Way You Move (Speakerboxxx)
6.  B.O.B. (Stankonia)
7.  PJ and Rooster (Idlewild)
8.  Humble Mumble (Stankonia)
9.  Dracula's Wedding (The Love Below)
10.  So Fresh, So Clean (Stankonia)
11.  Morris Brown (Idlewild)

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Dalton said...

You're top six are the exact same as mine.

SteveA said...

Your top 5 is in sync with mine. Hey Ya - hands down is an amazing song - it was one of the best pop songs I ever heard.

Homeperm said...

so fresh, so clean is just about my favourite song ever. your top eleven are nothing like mine. i have at least two differences.