Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The 11 Best Song By Incubus (of the 00s)

The best thing about July is the lack of major new releases, giving me some time to catch up on some other stuff I may have missed.  And with the NFL pre-season still 3 weeks from kick-off...I should have no problem catching up by the time all the September major releases roll around.

Brandon Boyd, lead singer of Incubus, delivers his first solo album.  He promises it to be just as average as all the rest of Incubus' material.  Was that below the belt?

Here are the 11 best Songs By Incubus from the 00s:

1.  Megalomaniac (A Crow Left To The Murder)
2.  Rogues (Light Grenades)
3.  Anna Molly (Light Grenades)
4.  Wish You Were Here (Morning View)
5.  11 AM (Morning View)
6.  Agoraphobia (A Crow Left To The Murder)
7.  Let's Go Crazy (Monuments and Melodies)
8.  Nice To Know You (Morning View)
9.  Leech (A Crow Left To The Murder)
10.  Mexico (Morning View)
11.  Black Heart Inertia (Monuments and Melodies)

Buy lead singer, Brandon Boyd's new album, the Wild Trapeze, now!


SteveA said...

I'm not a huge fan of them - although for a while they seemed to ruled MTV. I like Wish You Were Here the best....and I hope I catch what you were saying - but I do find there music really bland and mediocre!

Unknown said...

Hey, Could you post weezer's black and white albums? and maybe some new b-sides ;) thx a lot

Anonymous said...

nooooooo. no. dig? stellar? drive? cmon.