Friday, January 07, 2011

Free Music Fridays: The Klaxons -Landmarks of Lunacy

Next week should be a great start to the 2011 music year.  Though there were many great releases in the latter half of 2010, I struggled to get wood about any of the new releases.  Many times it was like hearing about a great taco place that was opening up next door to the last great taco place.

I'm not sure I understand the method to the music industry's release schedule.  In past, they weighted Oct/Nov for the big end of the year holiday buying spree.  Am a-list band's new release always made for a great stocking stuffer.  Now that no one buys CDs anymore (mainly because there's no where to buy them) there's really no reason to weight the November month with big releases.  If anything, wouldn't that be counter-productive?  With everyone obsessed with buying presents, the last thing on their mind is to run out on a musical scavenger hunt for a big new release that there's only a 50% chance that a soulless big box store decided to order more than 2 copies of.  The best time to get the public excited about a hot new music release would be at the time when nothing else major is going on.

Maybe there is a method to the madness.  Maybe that's the reason the next three months of music releases are more exciting than the previous six months.

Pick up the Klaxons new free EP - The Landmarks of Lunacy

1.  The Pale Blue Dot
2.  The Silver Forest
3.  Ivy Leaves
4.  Wilde Flowers
5. Marble Fields

Buy The Klaxons album, Surfing The!

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