Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Unknown: Cage The Elephant Daytrotter Session

Yesterday I promised proof that rock music is not dead.  It's alive and it's still kicking ass.

This is a break down of the top 200 best-selling albums of 2010 according to Billboard.  I have broken them down by genre.

1.  Rock - 57 albums (28.5%)
2.  Country - 35 albums (17.5%)
3.  Pop - 26 albums (13%)
4.  Rap - 23 albums (11.5%)
5.  R&B/Hip-Hop - 20 albums (10%)
6.  Soundtracks/Compilations - 20 albums (10%)
7.  Adult Contemporary - 14 albums (7%)
8.  Holiday - 5 albums (2.5%)

I knew that rock was popular...but this even surprised me.  Rock music is getting almost zero exposure for the record industry.  It's getting no promotion.  No one talks about it.  No one raves about it.'s still dominating.  This isn't even a buzzer beater.  This is a blow-out.  Pop music which is supposedly king...sells less than half of what rock sells.  Less than half!

Imagine if the music industry actually started promoting rock music again.  

Here is the Daytrotter Session for Cage The Elephant:
(all tracks free - compliments of

1.  Tiny Little Robots
2.  Judas
3.  Lotus
4.  Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

Buy Cage The Elephant's new album, Thank You Happy Birthday.

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