Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Music Fridays: M.I.A. - ViCKi LEEKX

The Coachella line-up was released this week, which I'm sure everyone and their mother has poured over by now.  Even my mom's seen it and she was bitching about Animal Collective and Mumford & Sons getting top billing over Bright Eyes.  And she doesn't even like Bright Eyes.

In case you're living on Mars, here it is:

My issue is that I always seem more excited about the bands on the bottom of the playbill than I am about the bands on the top.  Arcade Fire, Kings Of Leon, and Kayne West get the three headliner spots.  I like all three artists but for something as big as Coachella...I'm expecting more.  Where's the big reunion headliner?  Death From Above 1979?  Honestly, I'm more excited about that than any of the others.  With some huge releases by big alternative rock names (Decemberists, REM, Get-Up Kids, Rival Schools, U2) coming out in the next couple months...and very few if any of the bands featured on the's just a disappointing.

Coachella is like New Year's Eve.  You know you'll always have a good time...but it's always a let down.

Get M.I.A.'s free mix tape now.

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