Monday, January 10, 2011

The Unknown: Tapes 'N Tapes Daytrotter Session

According to the BBC, 2010 was the worst year for rock since 1960.  That's a very depressing statement...especially if it's true.  But is it?  According to the BBC, the reason they arrived at this damnation proclamation is that there were only 3 rock singles to chart in the top 100 singles of the year.  They must be looking at the British charts because for my own assessment I came up with at least 8 rock songs in the top 100 billboard.  That's not much better...but that's not a bad thing.

This is something I've been railing about for years.  This is one of the big problems with the music industry.  Pop music sells singles.  Rock music sells albums.  When the music industry decided to go "pop" and push a relentless typhoon of pop music down our throats...single sales will go up...but album sales will go down.

People buy what they know.  If you're only playing pop music for people...they're only going to buy pop music.  If you ignore rock music...then not only will album sales go'll leave all the rock fans with nothing to buy!  You're basically alienating 50% of your audience!!

Despite only 8 rock singles making the top 100 songs of the year...23 rock albums made the top 100 album sales.  50 made the Top 200.  That's actually not bad...that's 25%.  The rest of the album charts are not all pop. That's a misnomer.  It's pop, rap, r&b, country, and adult alternative.  Rock may be down...but it's not out.

Here is Tapes 'N Tapes Daytrotter Session:

1.  Hang Them All
2.  Conquest
3.  Demon Apple
4.  George Michael

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