Thursday, June 02, 2011

The 11 Best Solo Songs By Eddie Vedder

At lunch today, I was impressed by the music selection in the franchised restaurant where we ate.  It was a selection of early 90s rock, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains.  I love this music, I grew up on it, but I was impressed how it had been adopted by such a mainstream establishment.  It made me think about how back in the 90s eccentric bands were the trend-setting uber-stars.  They didn't need to look pretty.  They didn't need to have crystal clear voices.  They didn't need to be primmed and proper.  They were everything that a rock star was NOT supposed to be.  Yet, they were gigantic.  Now, two decades later, their music holds better than anything else out there.  This is a lesson that is so blatant and so obvious is blows me away every time the big labels refuse to move away from anything that doesn't represent the middle of the road vanilla.  There is no other voice out there like Cobain's scream, or Cornell's howl, or Corgan's whine, or especially Vedder's signature croon. 

It was a tough choice of whether to go straight solo songs versus...guest appearances and collaborations.  But since I haven't done solo songs it is.

Here are the 11 Best Eddie Vedder Solo Songs:

1.  Society (Into the Wild)
2.  No Ceiling (Into the Wild)
3.  My City of Ruins (Charity Single For Haiti Relief)
4.  Guaranteed (Into the Wild)
5.  Better Days (Eat, Pray, Love)
6.  Hide Your Love Away (I Am Sam)
7.  Hard Sun (Into the Wild)
8.  Masters of War (People Speak)
9.  Long Nights (Into the Wild)
10.  Setting Forth (Into the Wild)
11.  Here's To the State (Into the Wild Expanded Edition)

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SteveA said...

Hard Sun is my fave!