Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Woods

There’s a gift at being good at being lo-fi.  Just because you have a 4-track in your bedroom and a guitar doesn’t mean that you have what it takes.  In fact, it’s probably harder to be a good lo-fi artist than it is to be a mainstream pop artist.  Yes, you heard that right.  In a genre where less is more, there are no bells or whistles to cover up your faults.  You have to be good at the most basic level of music.  Lo-fi artists are like bikini models.  Just because you have a cute face and a dream isn’t enough. When you strip down and take everything off, if you’re not able to hold your own…you’re left out on your own. 

Woods has made a solid career of doing more with less.  Basked in the days of bands like early Sebadoh and Daniel Johnston, they return with the biggest and best album to date.

Here are the 11 best songs by Woods:

1.  Suffering Season (At Echo Lake)
2.  Rain On (Songs Of Shame)
3.  Death Rattles (At Echo Lake)
4.  Military Madness (Songs Of Shame)
5.  Bone Tapper (At Rear House)
6.  Broke (How To Survive + In The Woods)
7.  Blood Dries Darker (At Echo Lake)
8.  Time Fading Lines (At Echo Lake)
9.  Be Still (At Rear House)
10.  Til the Sun Rips (At Echo Lake)
11.  To Clean (Songs Of Shame)

Songs compliments of Daytrotter.

Buy Woods new album, Sun and!!

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