Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The 11 Best Guest Spots By Eminem of the 00s

It's great to see rock stars who don't take themselves too seriously.  This week, the Foo Fighters tour rider was leaked to the internet.  For those who don't know, a tour rider gives venues specifics on what artists want in their dressing room when it comes to food and drink...and what accommodations they need for their crew.  Nothing too scandalous for the Foos, in fact, their rider makes me like them even more.  Instead of sending a typical tour rider, telling venues what they wanted in things like...words, the Foos sent out a coloring book.  You check it out here at the smoking gun.

As serious and as angry as rock music can be at times, it's refreshing to see artists having a little fun with their celebrity-hood. Eminem is also one who likes to play a joke here and there.  In fact, he's the first one in line when it comes to making fun of his own fame.  And it doesn't stop when it comes to the humor on Em's new EP with Royce 5'9".

Here are the 11 Best Guest Spots by Eminem of the 00s:

1.      Renegade (Jay-Z - Blueprint)
2.      Outro (Obie Trice - Cheers)
3.      Gatman And Robbin (50 Cent – The Massacre)
4.      Drama Setter (Tony Yayo – Thoughts of A Predicated Felon)
5.      We Ain’t (The Game – The Documentary)
6.      It Has Been Said (Notorious B.I.G. – Duets The Final Chapter)
7.      Don’t Approach Me (Xzibit – Restless)
8.      On Fire (Lloyd Banks – Hunger For More)
9.      Rush Ya Clique (Outsidaz – Night Life EP)
10.  Chemical Warfare (The Alchemist – Chemical Warfare)
11.  Touchdown (T.I. – T.I. vs TP)

Buy Eminem's new collaboration album with Royce 5'9"...Bad Meets Evil:  Hell the Sequel.

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Brian Bkat said...

I couldn't believe you left out Dead Wrong. But looked it up and saw that it is from 1999. Definitely my favorite guest spot of his. Your list is pretty tight.