Friday, June 10, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Fucked Up

Many musicians say their only in bands for the music.  Most of them are liars.  At the end of the day, most musical artists would love to be atop the charts while driving around in a Ferrari and sleeping in a hot tub with swimsuit models.  You know what band really means it when they say it?  Fucked Up.  It’s not because of their epic twelve hour concerts or their endless supply of 7-inch singles in a digital world.  It’s the fact that they’re called…Fucked Up!  You’re not getting radio play with that name.  Target and Walmart are not going to carry your albums.  And there’s no way anyone on American Idol is going to be covering your tunes…no matter how poppy or catchy they are.  Fucked Up doesn’t have to worry about that.  Their music a crushing wave of massive punk, filled with all the energy that’s missing from music today.  While the mainstream is striving for vanilla ice cream, Fucked Up delivers a monster truck.  Daring doesn’t do the band justice.  Calling them cutting edge would just be insulting.  Fucked Up is fucked up…and it fits them perfectly.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Fucked Up:

1.  David Comes To Life (Hidden World)
2.  Son of the Father (Chemistry of Common Life)
3.  Invisible Leader (Hidden World)
4.  Black Albino Bones (Chemistry of Common Life)
5.  Teenage Problems (Couple Tracks)
6.  Fate of Fates (Hidden World)
7.  Police (Epic In Minutes)
8.  Toronto FC (Couple Tracks)
9.  Magic Word (Chemistry of Common Life) 
10.  Porcelain on Porcelain (David's Town)
11.  Circling The Drain (Epic In Minutes)

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