Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Frightened Rabbit

Every time I feel like giving the Grammy's a second chance they severely let me down.  I will admit that Sunday's show was much better than the show has been in recent years.  But I turned off the show with a feeling of..."that's it?"  Maybe last year was so strong this one just pales in comparison.  I love that there's less awards and more live performances. Though some of the live sets seemed flat.  Despite all the pomp with Taylor Swift's song, the performance was extremely wooden.  It was like a movie with great set desgin but a crappy screenplay.  Fun. picked a dull song for that venue.  Kelly Clarkson seemed like she just woke up from a nap after being put to sleep by Fun. I think the lighting tech took a lunch during Rihanna's song and was doing acid for Bruno Mars' set.  And to top it off, probably the most energetic performance of the night with Chuck D and LL Cool J was cut off!  Maybe it wasn't so much what was in the show but what was missing. Where was the MCA tribute?  I get the Levon Helm tribute.  Totally warranted and great performance.  But Bob Marley over MCA?  And honestly...if you had to pick between MCA and Levon Helm: MCA is more important.  I get covering Beastie Boys songs is difficult...but Sabotage is doable.  Why not a DJ set/mix of their work?  DJs are hot right now.  And where was the electronic music?  They had an EDM tent last year.  This year, I'm not sure David Guetta was even let in the building.  I get that folk music is hot right now.  And I appreciate the show embracing it...but that doesn't mean to overkill it.  There is such a thing of too much of a good thing.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Frightened Rabbit:
  1. The Greys (Sing The Greys)
  2. I Feel Better (The Midnight Organ Fight)
  3. The Wrestle (The Winter of Mixed Drinks)
  4. The Modern Leper (The Midnight Organ Fight)
  5. Fuck This Place (A Frightened Rabbit EP)
  6. Skip The Youth (The Winter of Mixed Drinks)
  7. Nothing Like You (The Winter of Mixed Drinks)
  8. Don't Go Breaking My Heart (The Loneliness and The Scream)
  9. Heads Roll Off (The Midnight Organ Fight)
  10. Music Now (Sing The Greys)
  11. Home From War (State Hospital EP)
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