Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By CSS

Today I met two people who made me feel old.  One person told me she never heard of Fleetwood Mac and was shocked that the were popular since she had never heard of them.  Granted she was sixteen.  The other had never heard of Star Trek...because she doesn't watch old movies.  She was 25.  I get that the younger generation doesn't appreciate what has come before them.  Sometimes I blame it on parenting, other times, I know kids just need to mature to appreciate the finer things in life. Or, these people are just idiots.  I'll give the 16-year-old a free pass for Fleetwood Mac  But not knowing Star Trek?  The reboot is a huge!  Like literally today.  I know people only have the capacity to take in what is current but if you don't have a grasp on what has come before you, you won't be able to evolve when things change...then you'll be a nothing more than an obscure pop culture reference yourself.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By CSS:
  1. Music Is My Hot Hot Sex (Cansei De Ser Sexy)
  2. City Grrrl (La Liberacion)
  3. How I Became Paranoid (Donkey)
  4. I Love You (La Liberacion)
  5. Hits Me Like A Rock (La Liberacion)
  6. Superafim (Donkey)
  7. Rat Is Dead (Donkey)
  8. Fuckoffs Is Not The Only Thing You Have to Show (Cansei De Ser Sexy)
  9. Let's Make Love And Listen To Sex From Above (Cansei De Ser Sexy)
  10. Move (Donkey)
  11. Knife (Friend)
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Unknown said...

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Brian said...

My wife had a similar experience last year at a Subway where a teen worker was complaining about the "old people music" that the manager kept making her listen to. The "old people music" was The Fugees. My wife was pretty upset that this kid didn't have a clue who the Fugees or Lauryn Hill were, let alone appreciated their influence on modern hip-hop or R&B. But after doing some math, we realized this girl was born the year the Fugees broke up. Putting it in that context, I can understand that group sounding really old to her. How much music do you listen to that came out before you were born that sounds fresh for you?