Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Tricky of the 00s

Tricky's career has been more schizophrenic than Margo Kidder in a Martin Lawrence acid flashback.  After his epic debut solo album, Maxinquaye, he has never returned to that opium den sexuality that he perfected.  And it's not like he's trying and's more like he's purposely trying to do anything but that. You have to admire his creative ambition to shed one skin for another without any knowledge that he could succeed at it.  It's like going into the woods blind, hoping to find the ranger station.  And he has failed.  He has fallen flat on his face with pants down and whipped cream on his face.  But he has also stood right back up and continued forward without flashing a single regret.  His triumph is that he has continued to make good music.  In the fog of experimentation, he has broken through with many tracks filled with that fiery sensuality than no one else can do better.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Tricky of the 00s:

  1. Five Days (Blowback)
  2. What Is Wrong (Vulnerable)
  3. Car Crash (Vulnerable)
  4. Excess (Blowback)
  5. Bacative (Knowle West Boy)
  6. Cross To Bear (Knowle West Boy)
  7. Stay (Vulnerable)
  8. Past Mistake (Knowle West Boy)
  9. The Love Cats (Vulnerable)
  10. Antimatter (Vulnerable)
  11. Evolution Revolution Love (Blowback)
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Brice said...

You forgot 'Puppy Toy'
Best song !!!!!!!!!!

Brice said...

best song ever !!