Saturday, June 08, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Rogue Wave

I got the new Samsung Galaxy S4.  No, this is not an advertisement for the phone. It's more of an observation of how far phones have come so fast.  This phone is so advanced, I don't even have to touch the screen.  Just with a wave of my hand, I can sift through pictures.  If I hover my finger over links, I can see previews.  The phone even detects my eye movement and scrolls automatically or pauses media when I look away.  Yeah, it is a lot of fun.  Just looking at my phone from two years ago, I'm blown away by the advances in such a short period of time.  My kids are about ten years away from owning their own phones.  I can't even imagine what theirs will be like.  Will they even exist in a physical space?  It's hard to comprehend but the phones we're using now will be ancient and archaic to our kids.  My kids already know more about my phone than I do...and are better at using it.  They can't drive a car but they can decipher the computer language that programs it.  The challenge to me won't be to adjust to the ever changing digital landscape but to teach my kids to appreciate the convenience that comes with it.  And the dark times that we had to go through to get there.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Rogue Wave:

  1. Love's Lost Guarantee (Descended Like Vultures) 
  2. Harmonium (At Heaven's Gate)
  3. Eyes (B-Side)
  4. Publish My Love (Descended Like Vultures)
  5. We Will Make A Song Destroy (Permalight)
  6. Chicago x 12 (At Heaven's Gate)
  7. Seconds (Descended Like Vultures Bonus Track)
  8. Fantasies (At Heaven's Gate)
  9. Falcon Settles Me (Out of the Shadow)
  10. Wait For It (10:1)
  11. Kicking the Heart Out (Out of the Shadow)

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