Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Boston

Today marks the release of Boston's sixth album in their 37 year career.  Even though, Boston has released music in five different decades, they released less songs in their entire career than are found on a single New York rapper's mixtape.  They've had more lead singers than they have albums.   Their debut album held the record for the best selling rock debut until Appetite For Destruction.  Currently, their debut still sits in the top ten as one of the best selling hard rock albums of all time.  They've never had a live album.  They've never done a duet with Ke$ha.  They've never partied with P.Diddy.  They have less music videos than Pearl Jam.  They are about one thing...and one thing only:  Rock n' Roll!  Okay, that might be two things.
Here are the 11 Best Songs By Boston:
  1. More Than A Feeling (Boston)
  2. Peace Of Mind (Boston)
  3. Don't Look Back (Don't Look Back)
  4. I Think I Like It (Third Stage)
  5. Feelin' Satisfied (Don't Look Back)
  6. It's Easy (Don't Look Back)
  7. Foreplay/Long Time (Boston)
  8. Something About You (Boston)
  9. Can'tcha Say You Believe In Me: Still In Love (Third Stage)
  10. Amanda (Third Stage)
  11. Someone (Corporate America)
Buy Boston's new album, Love Life and Hope...now!!!

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Unknown said...

Love this list...heading back to Boston for school tomorrow and the nostalgia is overwhelming! Glad to see older music is still appreciated