Saturday, February 01, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By The Autumn Defense

Five albums in, The Autumn Defense is no longer the side project living under the shadow of the greatness of Wilco.  Being in side project doesn't mean you're wearing an anchor around your neck, instead it means you have wings.  Side projects have the freedom of not being beholden to the restraints of their official band.  Side projects don't have the same expectations from fans.  They get to be anything they want.  The Autumn Defense has the ability to conjure up the light of ELO with a giant slice of Bread.  These songs would not have the most welcome place alongside a Tweedy tune.  On their own, they get to be appreciated for everything they are.  The Autumn Defense has made it this long because they come from Wilco, one of the longest running (technically) side projects in recent memory. Here are The 11 Best Songs By The Autumn Defense:
  1. Sun In California (Circles)
  2. Once Around (Once Around)
  3. Long Forgotten Love (The Green Hour)
  4. Don't Know (Once Around)
  5. Iowa City Adieu (Circles)
  6. Criminal (The Autumn Defense)
  7. Full 5 Paces (The Green Hour)
  8. Circles (Circles)
  9. The Swallows Of London Town (Once Around)
  10. Paradise (Ciao My Shining Star)
  11. Winterlight (The Autumn Defense)
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