Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By Neneh Cherry

Everybody loves a comeback.  And of all people, I don't think anyone expected it out of Neneh Cherry.  For all intensive purposes, Cherry has been known to most of the world as a one-hit wonder.  Don't get offended by the's really just a mainstream label of exclusion.  Pavement is a one-hit wonder by mainstream's measure.  To Cherry's fans, they knew she was more talented and creative than her pop radio status.  What has to be the most rewarding feeling is that Cherry's return to music after 18 years is being welcomed with open arms.  Axl Rose didn't even feel this much love on his 18-year hiatus.  As good as Buffalo Stance was, it wrongly pushed attention away from Cherry's true style.  She tripped more than she hipped when she hopped.  Fair weather fans didn't get that.  Massive Attack producer 3D figured that out on the song Manchild. On the new album, Cherry has finally settled into her true groove and her audience may be finally ready to embrace her musical soul. Here are the 11 Best Songs By Neneh Cherry:
  1. Buffalo Stance (Raw Like Sushi)
  2. So Here I Come (Raw Like Sushi)
  3. Twisted (Homebrew)
  4. Heart (Raw Like Sushi)
  5. 7 Seconds (Man)
  6. Somedays (Homebrew)
  7. Manchild (Raw Like Sushi)
  8. Buddy X (Homebrew)
  9. Everything (Man)
  10. Trout (Homebrew)
  11. Kisses on The Wind (Raw Like Sushi)
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