Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By Cibo Matto

In 1999, Cibo Matto released their spectacular sophomore album, Stereotype A.  It didn't sound like anything else out there, which only elevated why it was so brilliant.  It was like Cibo Matto didn't actually belong.  You didn't really know where they came from and you didn't really care.  They could funk like the Beastie Boys and zone out like Massive Attack.  What didn't make sense together on paper sounded perfect bumping from our stereos.  That's why when they broke up, it wasn't too surprising since it was like they weren't really supposed to exist in the first place. One of the few bands I never thought would ever get back together, has returned with their first album of new material in 15 years.  Whereas before they sounded like they came out of nowhere, now they sound like they never left.  Cibo Matto has made a career out of making their own music, their own way, when they want, and wherever they decide to land. Here are the 11 Best Songs By Cibo Matto:
  1. Moonchild (Stereotype A)
  2. Spoon (Stereotype A)
  3. Sugar Water (Viva! La Woman)
  4. Aguas De Marco (Super Relax)
  5. King of Silence (Stereotype A)
  6. Beef Jerky (Viva! La Woman)
  7. Stone (Stereotype A)
  8. La Pain Perdu (Viva! La Woman)
  9. Speechless (Stereotype A) 
  10. Sci-Fi Wasabi (Stereotype A) 
  11. Birthday Cake (Viva! La Woman)
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