Monday, February 24, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By William Fitzsimmons

 I'm getting a little sick of the new Facebook trend with everyone taking tests about what they really or where they really should be living.  I can pretty much give you the answer to every questionnaire you might take regarding what fictional character you are from any TV show, space movie, or book trilogy.  The answer...NONE of them.  You're none of them because they are all fake made up characters with unrealistic features.  You're not Harry Potter because he a wizard and wizards aren't real.  You're not Jennifer Aniston from Friends because she doesn't have a job and can afford a $4000 a month apartment in NYC.  You're not the 70s rock band Led zeppelin because they are a four person rock band and one of them is dead.  Stop trying to be someone else and just be proud of yourself.
You know who is proud of himself?  William Fitzsimmons.  He isn't trying to look trendy.  In fact, if anything, he's trying to look anything but.  Fitz is confident in himself and in his music.  He doesn't need to wear Dudley Do Right's hat or piss in a potted plant.  He just makes good, angelic, heart-felt music...and if that's not good enough for you...then he doesn't need you.
Here are the 11 Best Songs By William Fitzsimmons:
  1. The Tide Pulls From The Moon (Gold In The Shadow)
  2. Please Don't Go (Goodnight)
  3. You Still Hurt Me (The Sparrow and The Crow)
  4. Funeral Dress (Until We Are Ghosts)
  5. Psychasthenia (Gold In The Shadow)
  6. Further From You (The Sparrow and The Crow)
  7. Leave Me by Myself (Goodnight)
  8. They'll Never Take The Good Years (The Sparrow and The Crow)
  9. Fade and Then Return (Gold In The Shadow)
  10. Afterall (Goodnight)
  11. Heartless (Ministry of Sound Uncovered 2)
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