Friday, March 28, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By The Hold Steady

 No lyricist can capture life better in a song than Craig Finn.  If you need to hire someone to paint a picture of the tired, the working class, and the rejected in one portrait than the Hold Steady can put it to music.  They're the blue collar garage rockers to white collars of mainstream rock radio.  What Springsteen was raging about before he found his calling as a runner, The Hold Steady delivers with a habitual grind of grit, pantheon and pride.  They're the Northern States answer to the Skynyrds and the Tuckers.  From a world of skyscrapers, coffee carts and bitter cold, where salvation is defined by finding just enough pocket change in your coat for a cab ride home.  It's about staying positive when life is at its most mundane.  That no matter the height of the struggle, everyone of us is in it together.
Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Hold Steady:
  1. Chips Ahoy! (Boys And Girls In America)
  2. Soft In The Center (Heaven Is Whenever)
  3. Both Crosses (Stay Positive)
  4. Cattle And The Creeping Things (Separation Sunday)
  5. Stuck Between Stations (Boys And Girls In America)
  6. Your Little Hoodrat Friend (Separation Sunday)
  7. Stay Positive (Stay Positive)
  8. Knuckles (Almost Killed Me)
  9. Sequestered In Memphis (Stay Positive)
  10. The Swish (Almost Killed Me)
  11. Hot Soft Light (Boys And Girls In America)
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