Monday, March 31, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By The War On Drugs

With the news of Tom Petty's new album, Hypnotic Eye, (a major news flash in itself) the initial thought that hit me...seems to have hit just about everybody in the collective music community that the universe might just be aligning for the perfect tour:  Tom Petty with special guests, The War On Drugs.  It was epic enough that Christine McVie was returning to Fleetwood Mac (too bad Rilo Kiley isn't still around to open).  But to have two seemingly connected bands (one the leader and the other the padawan) release albums at almost the same time seems too good to be true.  The War On Drugs new album is their best album to date.  It's one of the first albums of the year I've been urging my friends to go out and buy.  With WOD's obvious similarities to Petty & co...the mere thought of the two of them sharing a stage was something more of a lost dream than a potential reality.  Like Wilco & Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam & Neil Young, Steel Panther & Spinal Tap...sometimes dreams do come true...let's keep our fingers crossed that this one might just happen. Here are the 11 Best Songs By The War On Drugs:
  1. Best Night (Slave Ambient)
  2. Taking the Farm (Wagonwheel Blues)
  3. Baby Missiles (Slave Ambient)
  4. A Needle In Your Eye #16 (Wagonwheel Blues)
  5. Your Love Is Calling My Name (Slave Ambient)
  6. Arms Like Boulders (Wagonwheel Blues)
  7. Comin' Through (Future Weather)
  8. Brothers (Slave Ambient)
  9. Show Me the Coast (Wagonwheel Blues)
  10. Pushing Corn (Barrel of Batteries)
  11. The History of Plastic (Future Weather)
Buy The War On Drugs new album, Lost In The!!

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