Thursday, March 20, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By Metronomy

  Today should be a national holiday.  It's the first day of March Madness. (Thank you Harvard for losing me 1 billion dollars!!!) It's the first day of spring.  It's World Happiness Day (because apparently the rest of the year the world is just a miserable asshole).  Fred Phelps, the leader of the First Baptist Church of Dickheads died today.  (If this is the first Baptist, does this mean there's a Second Baptist Church that are bigger dicks than these guys?)  John & Yoko were married 45 years ago today. (Not really relevant to an America holiday) And most importantly for any music lover...the official release list for Record Store Day was unveiled.  Hundreds of amazing albums will arrive on vinyl just 29 days from now.  The list is so big...I haven't even been able to read through the whole thing yet.  So, through the week-end as I watch my bracket get torn to shreds.  I'll digest the list, talk about my favorites, and the albums to look for while catching up with my lists and commenting on the college world's glorious madness. Here are the 11 Best Songs By Metronomy:
  1. The Bay (The English Riviera)
  2. Heartbreaker (Nights Out)
  3. Corinne (The English Riviera)
  4. A Thing For Me (Nights Out)
  5. The Look (The English Riviera)
  6. She Wants (The English Riviera)
  7. Do the Right Thing (Not Made For Love)
  8. Holiday (Nights Out)
  9. Everything Goes Way (The English Riviera)
  10. Back On The Motorway (Nights Out)
  11. Let's Have A Party (Heartbraker Vs Holiday)
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