Saturday, March 22, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By Skrillex

People say a lot crap about Skrillex.  He's small and scrawny.  He's a geek, a loser, and a poser.  His music sucks; it's uncreative, derivative or just plain lame.  He's been blasted for not being a "real" dubstep artist (a label given to him by the media - not self-inflicted). He's been teased for originally being in a screamo band and now merely jumping on the EDM bandwagon to stay relevant.  Even with the deck stacked against him, Skrillex found a way to make some of the most captivating, compelling, and addictive music out there.  Like the Dayton Flyers or the Mercer Bears, who knocked aside Syracuse and Duke respectively, Skrillex doesn't listen to those who say he "can't" instead, he listens to nobody except himself, making the music he knows how to make, irregardless if it's dubstep, brostep, EDM, pop, schlock, or Beethoven's 5th. Here are the 11 Best Songs By Skrillex:
  1. Bangarang (Bangarang EP)
  2. Rock N Roll Will Take You To The Mountain (Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites)
  3. Right In (Bangarang EP)
  4. All I Ask Of You (Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites)
  5. Weekends!!! (My Name Is Skrillex)
  6. First of the Year - Equinox (More Monsters and Sprites)
  7. Summit (Bangarang EP)
  8. Kill EVERYBODY (Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites)
  9. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites)
  10. With You, Friends Long Drive (Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites)
  11. My Name Is Skrillex (My Name Is Skrillex)
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