Sunday, March 23, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By Wolfmother

It's been a year of surprise releases as I've mentioned before:  Beyonce, Skrillex, Kid Cudi, and now a reformed Wolfmother can be added to the list.  But this is the season for surprises...because it's March...and there are no rules.  It's madness. Warren Buffet made the genius promotion to offer one billion dollars for anyone who could fill out a perfect March Madness bracket.  Though the probability seems impossible, it's not.  Don't get me wrong, it's not an easy task.  Out of 11 million people who tried to do it, no one person made it past the first round.  But outside of the Mercer upset, the rest of the games were not total surprises but loosely predictable.  Dayton beats Ohio State in an in-state rivalry game, which can always go either way irregardless of seeding.  An extremely well-coached Harvard was a very popular upset pick.  North Dakota State is one of the best shooting teams in the country playing against a mediocre, under-preforming Oklahoma squad.  And Stephen F Austin was on a hot win streak playing against an injury-stricken VCU team.  Across two of my brackets, I had picked all the upsets (except for the Mercer game).  In retrospect, the Atlantic Sun was the conference that gave us Florida Gulf Coast last year, maybe Mercer wasn't that big of a shock?  But Duke losing in can you pick against that? That said, it can be done.  A perfect bracket is obtainable.  If Wolfmother can reform then anything can happen. Here are the 11 Best Songs By Wolfmother:
  1. Violence of the Sun (Cosmic Egg)
  2. Joker & The Thief (Wolfmother)
  3. New Moon Rising (Cosmic Egg)
  4. Woman (Wolfmother)
  5. Cosmic Egg (Cosmic Egg)
  6. Back Round (Cosmic Egg)
  7. Where Eagles Have Been (Wolfmother)
  8. Pleased To Meet You (Spiderman 3)
  9. Colossal (Wolfmother)
  10. Sundial (Cosmic Egg)
  11. Pyramid (Wolfmother)
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