Saturday, November 01, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By Ryan Adams in 2014

For years, Ryan Adams was a faucet of music that your needed only to turn the knob and album after album would come pouring out.  Between 2000-2011, Adams had 19+ releases in the form of albums, EPs and exclusive singles.  Then for the last three years...nothing.  Well, it's 2014 and Adams is back.  In the past three months, Adams has four releases including a traditional Adams album, an 80s punk album, a country EP, and a Halloween inspired EP.  If he's making up for lost time, then we should see at least three more releases by the end of the year...probably a Christmas-inspired release, a dubstep EP, and a duets covers remix album.  It's funny because it's true. Happy Halloween. Here are the 11 Best Songs Released By Ryan Adams in 2014:
  1. Am I Safe? (Ryan Adams)
  2. Suburbia (Vampires)
  3. Trouble (Ryan Adams)
  4. I Keep Running (Jacksonville)
  5. Jacksonville (Jacksonville)
  6. Kim (Ryan Adams)
  7. Vampires (Vampires)
  8. Wolves (1984)
  9. Stay With Me (Ryan Adams)
  10. Tired of Giving Up (Ryan Adams)
  11. When The Summer Ends (1984)
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