Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The 11 Best Bonus Tracks from Smashing Pumpkins' Aeroplane Deluxe Edition

Billy Corgan has been called an insane genius.  He has also been called just insane.  He was a 90s icon, who to many of us who lived through 90s know, the Pumpkins were as big if not bigger than Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden when they released Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness.  Though grunge seemed like it was about to pass the mic to rap-metal, the Pumpkins slammed down their 10x platinum double album gargantuan masterpiece to remind everyone they held the throne...dominantly.  Following this madness, the Pumpkins released 5 singles to MCIS with enough B-sides to make up more albums, literally.  About a year later, The Aeroplane Flies High Box Set was released.  It was a concoction of leftovers, covers, and alternative versions, all stuffed in a funky lock box costing about three times as much as a typical Pumpkins album.  It still went platinum.
Last summer, Billy Corgan, revisited the unique MCIS companion Aeroplane box.  Expanded from 33 songs to 90 songs, it was one of the most exhausted remasters effort of its time.  The Pumpkins have definitely set the bar as high as it can go as they've been revisiting their catalogue.  The Pumpkins' underrated Adore, recently had the super deluxe treatment, which is such a massive release of material that will take months just to listen to it...let alone digest it.  It's taken a good year to absorb all the goodness of Aeroplane, and I figure I'll be ready this time next year to do the same for Adore.
The most interesting remaster is yet to come...the often forgotten Machina I & II rock opera.  I can't wait to see how they realize Billy's original vision.  That will be worth waiting for.  Until then...
Here are the 11 Best Bonus Tracks from Smashing Pumpkins' Aeroplane Deluxe Edition:
  1. Silverfuck (Live in Landover 1996)
  2. God (Live at the Double Door 1995)
  3. Love (Live at the Double Door 1995)
  4. Porcelina of the Vast Oceans (Live in Cleveland 1996)
  5. Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Live in Los Angeles 1996)
  6. 1979 (Acoustic)
  7. Star Song (DAT mix/Vocal Rough)
  8. Bodies (Live in Philadelphia 1996)
  9. A/Ab/E/B/F# (Gravity Demo)
  10. Marquis in Spades (8-Track Demo)
  11. The Groover (Gravity Demo)
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