Sunday, November 02, 2014

The 11 Best Bonus Tracks from the Led Zeppelin Remasters (so far)

  Part two of the Zeppelin Remasters has arrived.  Though the first set of releases (featuring I, II, II) were met with modest reviews, the unearthing of any new Zeppelin material is a monumental moment.  A lot of people haven't been thrilled with the clinical polishing of the Zeppelin classics.  It's too clean.  It's too loud.  A typical critique that all remasters suffer from.  I am not a fan of remasters.  Part of it is my personal attachment to the original arrangements.  The other part is that there are subtle emotional moments that can only be found in the dead air...or as musicians call "the space between."  I've learned to accept remasters as "alternate" versions and not ones that are replacing the originals.  When listening with that attitude, I have less distaste for the re-workings.  The real gem when remasters come out is not the new production of the old songs but the bonus material that comes alongside it.  The early bonus tracks for the Zeppelin remasters have been part for the lack of quality material sitting around in their vaults from that early period...but there have been a few gems.  Rumor is, as we get later in the remasters, the truly amazing rare gems will surface (per Page). The following list was not chosen as the best finished songs but the songs that add the most interesting peak behind the scenes. Here are the 11 Best Bonus Tracks from the Led Zeppelin Remasters (so far):
  1. Key To The Highway/Trouble In My Mind (Rough Mix)
  2. You Shook Me (Live in Paris, 1969)
  3. Immigrant Song (Alternate Mix)
  4. La La/Intro (Intro/Outro Rough Mix)
  5. Dazed And Confused (Live in Paris, 1969)
  6. Moby Dick (Live In Paris, 1969)
  7. Gallows Pole (Rough Mix)
  8. What Is And What Should Never Be (Rough Mix With Vocal)
  9. Heartbreaker (Live in Paris, 1969)
  10. Heartbreaker (Rough Mix With Vocal)
  11. How Many More Times (Live in Paris, 1969)
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