Saturday, November 08, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By Calvin Harris

Harris' debut album had more in common with James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem than the Electric Daisy Carnival behemoth he is today.  Harris' ascension to the dance world titan has been a rocket launched at top speed with one guest spot by Rihanna.  Harris' rise from underground EDM artist to the top of the pop charts is indicative of electronic music.  Like alternative rock, that fostered in the club scenes for decades until it dominated the airwaves, EDM now has its time in the sun.  But like all musical trends, it's only temporary.  Alternative rock has continued to evolve since its heyday, what is going to be exciting to watch is how electronic music evolves in similar ways. Once it the eyes of the mainstream pop world turn to the next momentary trend, the most daring creativity will come.  The best is yet to come. The 11 Best Songs By Calvin Harris:
  1. Feels So Close (18 Months)
  2. Acceptable in the 80s (I Created Disco)
  3. We Found Love (18 Months)
  4. Vegas (I Created Disco)
  5. Bounce (18 Months)
  6. I Need Your Love (18 Months)
  7. Ready For The Weekend (Ready For The Weekend)
  8. Thinking About You (18 Months)
  9. Stars Come Out (Ready For The Weekend)
  10. Colours (I Created Disco)
  11. Flashback (Ready For The Weekend)
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