Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The 11 Best Good Charlotte Songs

A little known fact is that Ray Kroc of McDonald's once approached Walt Disney about fusing Disneyland and McDonald's. The two had been in the same army platoon. Walt apparently scoffed at the idea...there's no way McDonald's will ever be as popular as Disneyland. Ironically, the only name brand restaurant at Disneyland today is McDonald's. But there's something else besides history that McDonald's and Disneyland have in common...Filet O Fish and the canoes. Both are items that both companies have had since the beginning of time, yet for the life of me, I've never met anyone who has tried either of them. I have seen Filet O Fish wrappers on the ground, so I know someone has taken the feared plunge. And I have seen canoes floating in the green water, so there are crazy people out there. But seriously, who goes to Disneyland and says, "You know what would be really fun right now, if I could bust my ass rowing a tiny boat around a dirty lake?" On the same note, who goes to McDonald's and says, "Hmmm...I could really go for some chewy fried fish with sticky white sauce?" How have these items survived, I will never know. But there they are. The McDLT bites the dust but frozen fish survives. And Inner Space gets a pink slip but the freaking canoes are still going strong.

This week a new Good Charlotte CD will arrive in stores.

Here are the 11 Best Good Charlotte Songs:


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andrea said...

I was scared there! haha