Monday, June 16, 2008

The 11 Best Offspring Songs:

We are on the verge of $5.00 gas. When less than 3 years ago, we just broke the $2.00 per gallon barrier. Why the sudden surge in price? Well...let's look at why prices go up in the first place. In any free market, there are two entities that decide the price: the supply and the demand. Of course, it's slightly more complicated than that...but these are the two major factors that control price in any situation. So, how is the supply of oil? Currently, it's normal. And if anything, it's more plentiful than ever. So, the supply is not the problem...which would mean the demand is the problem. Well, interesting enough, volume is down. People are actually buying less gas. We're turning in our SUVs for sedans...and sedans for hybrids. So why is the price so high? Well, like any inflated's hype. Gas was going to go up...and those who knew anything about the industry knew this years ago and began buying oil futures. But recently, oil futures have become the hot commodity. People who know nothing about the industry see the escalating prices at the pump and are dumping money into oil futures, falsely inflating the price. Also, middle men are beginning to stockpile the oil believing that there will always be a need. But let's take a look at history...what happens when there's too much supply...not enough demand...and over-inflated items. That's right: crash. Well, with an oil man in the White House, it'll never crash...but it will go down. Also, the oil companies should be the ones panicking. What happens when a product becomes too overpriced for consumers...the consumers find another way. (Remember Napster?)

Here are the 11 Best Offspring Songs:

1. Self-Esteem (Smash)
2. The Kids Aren't Alright (Americana)
3. Gone Away (Ixnay on the Hombre)
4. Have You Ever (Americana)
5. The Meaning Of Life (Ixnay on the Hombre)
6. Can't Repeat (Greatest Hits)
7. Vultures (Conspiracy of One)
8. Million Miles Away (Conspiracy of One)
9. Smash It Up (Batman Forever)
10. Dirty Magic (Ignition)
11. Bad Habit (Smash)

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Concrete Circles said...

It's so hard to pick the best Offspring songs, but those are some excellent choices

Chris said...

the only ones i can really bring myself to listen to now-a-days are the s/t and ignition. which, i don't think you've listed ANY from their s/t album. sad. its a really great album. oh and of course i listen to smash.. i just sometimes have to skip around. ixnay & americana definitely have to skip around.. and americana is where i ended. i am curious about the new one.

also, nice lil' blogg about the gas insanity.

acidrokker said...

Gone Away is such an underrated song, good job recognizing that.

Though splinter isn't represented here, i liked Hit That

acidrokker said...

Gone Away is such an underrated song, good job recognizing that. THough i don't see any songs from their debut album or from Splinter

Phoenix said...

That is a great list. I would have added All I Want in there somewhere because no matter when it is I can listen to that song and like it.

Nedleeds said...

Cool to Hate ... and Nitro not really close.

I hate doc martins, and muscle t's ...i'm only happy when i'm in my misery.

caster driven said...

Why does no one put stuff is messed up on the list?

samantha herman said...

Race Against Myself (splinter)
is a great one.