Monday, May 12, 2008

The 11 Best Death Cab For Cutie Songs

Being successful at anything means you need to know what you're doing. Take for instance this weekend at the box office. Two titans fought it out between the Wachowski brothers with Speed Racer and Robert Downey Jr. with Iron Man. Iron Man, in its second weekend, pounded Speed Racer by 30 million. Iron Man has grossed 177 million in 10 days...Speed Racer will be lucky to gross 77 million in its entire run. How is it that the directors who brought you the Matrix, flopped so hard in their first new enterprise in over ten years? One thing: Jon Favreau. Behind the helm of Iron Man, is the writer-director Jon Favreau. The Wachowskis have one hit...The Matrix...a great film. But Favreau also had an impressive film on his resume...Swingers. Made for 1/1000 of the price of the Matrix, Swingers is equally important to 90s cinema. Favreau wrote the script. He also did the highly successful Elf...and the quiet indie classic, Made. What else do the Wachowskis have on their resume from the past 10 years? Just bad Matrix sequels.

Iron Man is movie based out character...we grow with Tony Stark...we feel his plight. We want him to win. Speed Racer is based out of visual style...after 15 seconds, we get it and are ready to move on with our lives.

Favreau has made a career of making good films...they may not break Box office records (until now), but they are always respectable. The Wachowskis got lucky once...and lightning doesn't strike twice.

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Here are The 11 Best Death Cab For Cutie Songs:

1. I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Plans)
2. Title Track (We Have The Facts)
3. Soul Meets Body (Plans)
4. Title and Registration (Transatlanticism)
5. 405 (We Have The Facts)
6. The Sound of Settling (Transatlanticism)
7. Someday You Will Be Loved (Plans)
8. Why You'd Want to Live Here (The Photo Album)
9. Marching Bands of Manhattan (Plans)
10. We Looked Like Giants (Transatlanticism)
11. Photobooth (Forbidden Love)


Chris said...

iron man was a pretty awesome movie. i'm not a big follower of alot of super hero books, especially not iron man. but i know alot of varied stories and I personally thought it was a pretty awesome flick. Most things brought over to different medias tend to not keep the same dignity as its original. so when something as entertaining as this comes along ,when the og was probably way better, its a nice reprieve.

also, i'm not a big death cab fan.. but the new single is catchy. not as good as "I Will Follw You into the Dark" but whatever. I also don't thinkanthing has been as good as "we have the facts, and we're voting yes".

Anonymous said...

No "Crooked Teeth" ?! A miscarriage of justice I say!

Dan said...

V for Vendetta

Cendrin said...

What about DCFC's "Wait" (You can play these songs with chords)? I think it's their greatest.

Pavan said...

Making a list of Death Cab's best songs is an incredibly difficult task . When first looking at your list I thought to myself, where are "Styrofoam Plates", "What Sarah Said" , "Transatlanticism", and "Crooked Teeth". Also none of the Narrow Stairs songs are on this list. However, I do think this list is pretty comprehensive, even though you are missing a few of my favorites. I guess thats what we get when we try to constrain such a great band to a simple list.

Beege2588 said...

Ive been searchin for an article like this to help me find some death cab i havnt heard and to tell ya the truth you guys got it all wrong. there are about 15 of them that are mind blowning and can be heard plently of times. better than poppy photobooth and soul meets body. here is your best death cab in order of purest and best. not best. the best can be over played and just not as good as a messege. here you are 1-20 best death cab ever.
2.We Laugh in doors
3.Tiny Vessels
4.Brothers on a hotel bed
6.Syrofoam Plates
7.Expo 86'
8.Blacking out the friction
9. All is full of love
10.Champagne from a paper cup
11.I will posses your heart in an exhibition
13.Grapevine fires
14.Information Travels
15.Bixby Canyon Bridge
16.Fake Frowns
17.Title and Registration
18.Why you'd want to live here
19.your bruise
20.we looked like giants

Kenneth J. Vanko said...

Impossible list to create, but as a DCfC fan, I offer this alternative list:

1. 405
2. Expo '86
3. Your Heart Is An Empty Room
4. Marching Bands of Manhattan
5. Brothers On a Hotel Bed
6. Bixby Canyon Ridge
7. The New Year
8. Why You'd Want to Live Here
9. Company Calls
10. I Will Possess Your Heart
11. Cath...

Ken Vanko

Holden said...

These are my top fifteen Death Cab For Cutie songs.

1. Marching Bands of Manhattan (Plans)
2. Title and Registration (Transatlanicism)
3. Transatlanicism (Transatlanticism)
4. Brothers On a Hotel Bed (Plans)
5. We Laugh Indoors (The Photo Album)
6. I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Plans)
7. I Will Possess Your Heart (Narrow Stairs)
8. The Sound of Settling (Transatlanicism)
9. Debate Exposes Doubt (The Photo Album)
10. Bixby Canyon Bridge (Narrow Stairs)
11. Different Names for the Same Thing (Plans)
12. The New Year (Transatlanicism)
13. Cath.... (Narrow Stairs)
14. Grapevine Fires (Narrow Stairs)
15. Soul Meets Body (Plans)

Mind you, I haven't heard Something About Airplanes, We Have All of the Facts and We're Voting Yes, or You Can Play These With Chords.

Anonymous said...

My personal favorites:

1. Tiny Vessels
2. I Will Follow You in to the Dark
3. The Ice is Getting Thinner
4. I Will Posess Your Heart
5. A Lack of Color
6. Someday You Will Be Loved
7. The Sound of Settling

sebastian said...

in order:

1.a lack of color
2.passenger seat
3.brothers on a hotel bed
4.steadier footing
5.a movie script ending
6.title and registration
7.blacking out the friction
8.your your heart is an empty room
9.Styrofoam plates
10.title and registration
11.what sarah said
5.a movie script ending
6.blacking out the friction
we looked like giants

Nat C. said...


Victoria Hamman said...

Passenger seat!!!!

carrie said...

absolutely, Cath has to be in the top 5. Thanks for putting your list out there, though! Love it!

chris miller said...

I will possess your heart much better than half these songs

chris miller said...

I will possess your heart much better than half these just gets my blood pumping every time i hear ?

acompleteunknown said...

Remember all these songs were the band's best leading up to Narrow Stairs. I Will Possess Your Heart wasn't included since it hadn't been released yet.

Friedrich said...

Exactly what I was thinking! And Movie Script Ending it's such a beautiful song too, it deserves to be here!