Thursday, June 12, 2008

The 11 Best My Morning Jacket Songs

Are the NBA Finals fixed? Are the NBA games fixed? No one wants to admit it...everyone wants to believe the games are honest. But we all know deep inside that the NBA has been controlling the games. There is too much money involved for NBA to take a completely hands off approach. It would be just plain bad business. Sure it's illegal. But jails aren't built for law-abiding citizens. Through-out this series, Boston has been given incredible freedom on defense. It's been almost amazing to see the level of foul they are able to get away with. In game 2, Pierce flat out punched Kobe and Kobe got the foul. Don't get me wrong, I hate Kobe Bryant...I think he deserves a punch in the face. But how is fixing the series a benefit to anyone? The games become unwatchable. I'd rather my team lose fair and square. I'll watch that game. But a fixed game? What's the point of even tuning in?

Here are the 11 Best My Morning Jacket Songs:

1. Golden (original) - (It Still Moves) & the acoustic version on (Acoustic Citsuoca)
2. Cobra (Chocolate and Ice)
3. One Big Holiday (It Still Moves)
4. O Is the One That Is Real (Split EP w/ Songs: Ohia)
5. Anytime (Z)
6. The Way That He Sings (At Dawn)
7. Where To Begin (Elizabethtown Sdtk.)
8. Just One Thing (It Still Moves)
9. Gideon (Z)
10. Chills (Off The Record B-Side)
11. By My Car (Tennessee Fire)

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Paige said...

I hate beleiving that about Boston because their my team. But this season i think your right..its sad but pays to be cynical

Neil said...

I love your blog...Have you ever heard of a band out of Philadelphia called The Humble Fishermen? They remind me a bit of My Morning Jacket. I was in Philly last weekend and saw them. They seem like they are on their way up. You should do a piece on them! Keep up the good work!

Hadley66 said...

It's not an original, but I'd have to say that MMJ's version of It Makes No Difference from the Band tribute CD Endless Highway is the single best thing I've heard them play.

El Bastardo said...

hey man nice list, was wondering if you could post up an mp3 of "where to begin"...i'm a MMJ diehard and can't find the song anywhere! thanks.

Dianne Grover said...

Indeed, the NBA games are becoming more and more unbelievable. Anyway, thank you for sharing this list. These songs are really incredible. I would rather listen to great music (accompanied with the use of guitar picks for instance) than watch some fixed games. Again, thank you for posting.