Friday, June 20, 2008

The 11 Best Reggie and the Full Effect Songs

First the Earth cooled.

Then, rock stars came. But they got too big and fat and they all died and rock turned into emo.

Then the Get-up Kids came. And they defined punk emo. But they, also, got too fat...although, instead of dying...they broke up into a hundred different bands: The New Amsterdams (folk emo), The Blackpool Lights (rock emo), The Terrible Twos (kids emo), and White Whale (prog emo). But the least known side project...and the one who has been around the longest is Reggie and the Full Effect, which is fronted by the GUK's keyboardist, James Dewess. Originally, it was started as a joke...but now with six albums under their belt...they have more songs to their name than the Get-Up Kids ever did. True dat.

The 11 Best Reggie and the Full Effect Songs:

1. Congrats Matt and Christine (Promotional Copy)
2. Take Me Home, Please (Songs Not To Get Married To)
3. Congrats Smack and Katy (Under the Tray)
4. Relive the Magic (Promotional Copy)
5. Get Well Soon (Songs Not To Get Married To)
6. Your Boyfriend Hates Me (Greatest Hits '84 - '87)
7. Your Girlfriends Hate Me (Lord of the Bling EP)
8. The Two Blings (Lord of the Bling EP)
9. Thanx For Stayin (Promotional Copy)
10. Girl Why'd You Run Away (Greatest Hits '84 - '87)
11. From Me 2 U (Promotional Copy)

Buy Reggie and the Full Effect's new album, Last Stop: Crappy Town.

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Chris said...

reggie is awesome... nough said. also, didnt even know there was a new one on the way. new notwist though, also a surprise. thought they might be dead.