Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The 11 Best Anniversary Songs:

I don't like talking about the bands I list on the site. There are 5000 music blogs in this world. Every single one of them talks about the music. If I'm just like them...then what's the point of reading this blog?

But the release of the The Anniversary's B-side album is a reason to break the mold. For those who don't know them, The Anniversary was one of the bands that helped defined the emo scene. Their album, Your Majesty, was hailed by many as not only one of the best albums of 2002, but possibly the best album of the year. Success seemed like a forgone conclusion. Real estate brokers were lining up in hopes of helping them buy their first of many mansions. Car companies were gifting them fully stocked vehicles in hopes of peeling off one endorsement. Even Macy's was planning to rename the 10th marriage anniversary from the Tin Anniversary to the Anniversary Anniversary. But then...despite standing on the doorstep of superstardom...The Anniversary broke up. Half the members formed The Only Ones, while one of the singers formed D*R*I. Both bands have struggle at achieving even marginal recognition.

Today, the Anniversary will have one more bat at the plate by releasing a double-album packed with B-Sides. Interestingly, there are more b-sides than official album tracks, which makes this release less like an addition to their career and more like a final act.

The Anniversary's B-Side album, Devil On Our Side, is out now. Buy it!

The 11 Best Anniversary Songs:

1. Husam, Husam (Your Majesty)
2. Peace, Pain, and Regret (Your Majesty)
3. All Things Ordinary (Designing A Nervous Breakdown)
4. Outro in No Minor (Designing A Nervous Breakdown)
5. The Death of the King (Your Majesty)
6. The D in Detroit (Designing A Nervous Breakdown)
7. Sweet Marie (Your Majesty)
8. The Siren Sings (Your Majesty)
9. Alright For Now (7" split)
10. Emma Discovery (Designing A Nervous Breakdown)
11. Vasil + Bluey (7" Split)

Today, I'm doing something different...instead of posting songs from the Anniversary (since I did that already) I'm going to post two B-side tracks that didn't make the cut of the new album.

1. Up In the Sky
2. Anais

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Chris said...

i definitely actually read your blog over other music blogs because of its content. the bsides and lists are just extra fun. also i'm very happy about the anniversary collection coming out, their early b-sides were always my favorite. it was funny when they signed to vagrant they seemed to be on every show i would goto.