Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The 11 Best N*E*R*D Songs

Today I spent two hours in the car because of a car accident on the 405. In my new car, I have XM radio. I spent two hours switching channels, looking for a good song, for the entire trip. Even with over 200 channels at my disposal, I struggled to find something to listen to. And ironically, the best music I found was on the regular FM stations. XM is supposed to be the next evolution in radio...but sounds like it's a giant step backward. It's impossible to tell the theme of some stations...the metal station is playing Green Day...the alternative station is playing Tom Petty...and the 80s station was playing Nirvana.

Having this many stations is like going a giant buffet where your favorite dishes are always empty...and you stand around waiting for the server to come and refill the trays. And usually, by the time the server finally shows up...you're not hungry anymore.

Satellite radio is a novel concept but it's completely different than satellite TV. We watch TV when we want to...we decide when we want to watch the shows. We don't decide when to listen to radio...90% of the time, it's randomly when we are in the car. When you have computer decide what songs to play based on demographics, you get a playlist without and cohesiveness. And just because we have more crap to listen to...doesn't make the music sound any better.

The 11 Best N*E*R*D Songs:

1. Run To the Sun (In Search Of...)
2. Stay Together (In Search Of...)
3. Jump (Fly or Die)
4. Rock Star (In Search Of...)
5. Tape You (In Search Of...)
6. Lapdance (In Search Of...)
7. Drill Sergeant (Fly or Die)
8. Fly or Die (Fly or Die)
9. Things Are Getting Better (In Search Of...)
10. Loser (Clones)
11. Maybe (Fly or Die)

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chetan said...

so sad about xm radio. on internet radio, you may have heard radioparadise. Quite an oasis.