Tuesday, June 03, 2008

THE UNKNOWN: Jewel - Save The Linoleum

Sunday gave us the 2008 MTV movie awards. An amusing award show only for all the mildly entertaining comic sketches....but abysmal when it comes to actual awards of merit. I can forgive all the silly awards for films like Step Up 2 and Never Back Down...but giving Transformers Best Picture may be the most insulting of all. The movie sucked. Most people who saw the movie thought it sucked. Awarding it with best picture of the year is like awarding Nickelback's Rock Star with Song of the Year...or Nora Roberts with the Pulitzer Prize. Basically, all the movies nominated were popular with the youth vote...actually let me re-iterate, a youth audience went to see the movies...they didn't necessarily like the movies...they just went there because it was the most convenient place to go to get stoned without getting caught.

The big lesson to be learned from this...don't let the general public vote for quality.

Before Jewel sold-out for the mainstream...she had an indie hit EP called Save the Linoleum. It's dated now...but a good example of which direction she could have gone.

THE UNKNOWN: Jewel - Save The Linoleum:

1. God's Gift To Women
2. Intro
3. I'm Sensitive (live)
4. Who Will Save Your Soul?
5. Race Car Driver
6. Flower
7. I'm Sensitive

Buy Jewel's new album....Perfectly Clear.


Chris said...

wow, that first song is crazy. the only reason i really listened to it is because my girlfriend was here and she really likes the first jewel, but that song is more like liz phair. freaking crazy. you wouldn't happen to of found any other stuff from her earlier carrier of this nature? if not, oh well, atleast this single gem exists.


hey do you phyllis barnabee finally gets a bra?? =)

Leonardo Valesi Valente said...

I'm looking for the albums "Phyllis Barnabee Finally Gets A Bra" and the other so much special "Bits and Baubles" from Jewel, before Pieces of You.
Have you can get some one of these for us?!
Thanx ya lot!
See u, Leonardo Valente (Brazil).

Barry said...

I have a copy of the Phyllis Barnabee Finally Gets a Bra that I would be willing to sell. Please contact me with a private offer.