Friday, July 11, 2008

The 11 Best Beck albums:

Sorry for the delay in returning...after having my second daughter...I was in a bad car accident, wrecking my car...but luckily no injuries. I was rear-ended by some a-hole with no insurance, now i have to spend the better part of my time fixing the situation. When all i want to do is spend time with my kid.

That said...I want to pop in with a quick list and a promise of more Beck goodness to come.

The 11 Best Beck albums:

1. Sea Change
2. Odelay
3. Midnight Vultures
4. Guero
5. Mutations
6. The Information
7. One Foot In The Grave
8. Mellow Gold
9. Stereopathic Soulmanure
10. A Western Field
11. Golden Feelings


Chris said...

that really sucks. my friend recently got in an accident and was hit in the side by someone who had no insurrance and no license. just a permit and an older sibling to watch over her. oh, and she couldn't speak english very well. and the cop sent them on their way without a ticket or anything.

congrats on the new girl.

good luck with the bad.

Jonathan said...

Congratulations on the baby.