Monday, July 21, 2008

The 11 Best Me First and The Gimme Gimmies Songs

I've come to the conclusion that having a new baby is kinda like being a celebrity. Here's why. The moment you walk into a store with a new baby...everybody takes notice. Now not everybody looks directly at you...some people just check you out from the corner of their eyes...but they know you're there. They are trying to get a good glimpse...but are trying to be sly about it at the same time. No matter where you go in the're watched...people want to know what you're going to buy (for the baby). Then you have the people who come up and talk to you. I'm not a celebrity...but I would assume that most people who approach celebrities are people who will never be celebrities themselves. Along those lines, those people who approach people with babies are people who can't have babies themselves, meaning, old people and ugly people. Man, it must suck being a celebrity.

Here are The 11 Best Me First and The Gimme Gimmies Songs:

1. Wild World (Blow in the Wind)
3. Crazy (Take A Break)
4. Rocket Man (Have A Ball)
5. Hello (Take A Break)
6. Goodbye Earl (Love Their Country)
7. Phantom of The Opera Song (Are A Drag)
8. Danny's Song (Have A Ball)
9. Country Roads (Denver)
10. Jolene (Love Their Country)
11. I Write The Songs (Barry)
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Casey said...

That was a great post. Me First sounds like a fun band to see. Totally changes the vibe of a song.
Thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

i find myself doing similiar things but take baby and put puppy in its place. however, i don't care what their buying for it. i just want to pet it. so maybe that makes me a little less creepy? its hard to look away from a cute puppy.

also, as a little side note, all of me firsts 7"s were once compiled in a bowling bag. which was extremely limited of course. i think it was for the first 2 or 3 albums, i'm not completely sure. I thought that was really freaking cool though

dan s. said...

1. Over the Rainbow
2. Ain't No Sunshine
3. On the Road Again
4. Runaway
5. Tomorrow
6. The Rainbow Connection
7. Desperado
8. Heart of Glass
9. The Longest Time
10. Uptown Girl
11. Sweet Caroline